TES 50th commemorative Box Set – LA Weekly

Photo credit: Brad Zangwill


Franklin Joseph Publishing has partnered with Bruce Brown Films to create the ultimate Endless Summer Book & Box Collection celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Original and Greatest Surf Film ever made. This is a Once-In-a-Lifetime offering and the Ultimate Collection of the film, the people, the places and the stories. Including in the collection is the history of Bruce Brown and his love for surf and film and the impact that he and the film have had that help create and inspire the surfing community throughout the world. The Book and Box Set Collection allows us all to relive the stories and to appreciate the surfing community throughout the world. We encourage you, your friends and family to participate in this project as we hope to continue the conversation, share the stories, and extend the reach of the surfing community in search of the perfect wave… We have also partnered with the Surfing Heritage & Culture Center and the Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum to further educate and promote the history of the sport and the impact it has made on communities throughout the world.

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