‘TES’ 50 year box set is pure surfing treasure

‘The Endless Summer’ 50 year box set is pure surfing treasure

“The Endless Summer” needs no introduction. It completely changed the young sport of surfing and youth culture in 1966 and launched thousands of surf trips in pursuit of things we surfers can’t necessarily find at home.

2016 was the 50-year anniversary of Bruce Brown’s legendary film, but there’s reason to celebrate that milestone further this spring. The ultimate “Endless Summer” collector’s item has arrived in the form of a huge box set — and they’re having a launch party for it on Saturday in Huntington Beach, California.

Essentially a collection of memorabilia directly from the source, the limited edition boxset contains a treasure trove of “Endless Summer” artifacts.

Limited to 1,966 copies, the collection includes items like a coffee table book written by Bruce’s son Dana, five frames cut from the original film, a commemorative medallion, replicas and reproductions of artifacts from the trip and a hand-signed certificate of authenticity from Bruce Brown and the cast.

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