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Unboxing the collection

Take a closer look at the amazing details included in this surfer’s masterpiece.



Written by Bruce Brown’s son Dana brown, this paper jewel goes deep into detail after detail about the filming techniques, locations and journey in search of the perfect wave. Meticulously crafted with five different types of paper, full color printing, fold-outs, and held together with Chinese binding. You’ll be fully immersed in everything you need to know and more about The Endless Summer.


Unique Frames

Call us crazy, but we took the original film print of the original Endless Summer film and cut it into individual hand-cut strips.


Original planning map

A treasure map to the perfect wave. You saw the film – but see the route for yourself on a detailed replica of the original Endless Summer planning map.



The 4 signatures you must have to make this collection legit. Each book is individually numbered and includes a hand-signed Certificate of Authenticity. Hold in your hands the signed blessing of filmmaker Bruce Brown, surfers Robert August and Mike Hynson and the iconic poster designer John Van Hamersveld.


Anniversary Commemorative Medallion

Designed and minted just for this collection.


Remastered DVD

Take the journey all over again with a fresh new look at the original classic.


Domestic Shipping

Continental United States.


Never before seen Photos with a Hand-Written Letter from Bruce Brown

Shots taken by Bruce Brown himself during the trip, have never been published before!


The classic poster, revisited

A redesigned exclusive 50th anniversary commemorative poster designed by box set creative director Manuel Serra.


Storyboard pages

Dive into replicas of the original Bruce Brown technical documents.



Let you thumbs bring to life some of the most iconic scenes of The Endless Summer.


Tickets from Original Film Viewings

Replicas from The Endless Summer and other ‘earlier’ Bruce Brown Films.


Personal letters

Replica letters from some of the most influential publications and TV/Radio/Print personalities of all time.

Limited Number


This book has had an epic journey of its own, taking over 4 years to research, design, and lovingly produce to celebrate this iconic moment in surfing history. As the owner of this one-of-a-kind collection, you will hold in your hands a piece of surfing history only made available to a select few. Don’t miss the ultimate wave — buy your piece of surfing history with 50th Anniversary Numbered Edition Book & Box Set before it’s too late.

$395.00 $295.00Add to cart