Launch party

Thank you for helping us experience an epic event of surfing legends!

Stay tuned for photos and videos from this amazing night.


The Surfing Heritage and Culture Center is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to preserving, presenting and promoting surfing’s heritage for the appreciation and education of current and future generations; and to achieving our goal of surfing being more accurately understood, represented and enjoyed. (Tax ID# 33-0934459)


Focusing on the complete spectrum of surfing’s history and development, including but not limited to significant surfboards, photography and the full range of other forms of information and objects of cultural value.


Establishing a world-class museum/resource facility, including an outreach program that creates exhibits and develops venues for effective traveling and/or off-site display: that this facility might serve as a symbolic center for the wave riding culture in the United States, dedicated to the understanding and appreciation of surfing as a sport, lifestyle, and culture.


Building a community who actively support Surfing Heritage with fundraising, promotion and advocacy.

The Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization number Tax ID# 33-0275732.

HBISM Mission:

To become the premier world class surf museum and tourist destination embodying the Surf City USA spirit of surfing, our community, our businesses, and sustainable beach lifestyles.

HBISM Vision:

To preserve the history and culture of surfing through strong community bonds in Surf City USA and around the globe. Collectively innovate around the future of Surfing, while connecting our “Groms” with our legends and pros to inspire and support their future – while educating our surfing community on keeping our surfing playgrounds clean and healthy for all of us to enjoy.

We donated 50% of the proceeds of our ticket sales from the launch party to these fantastic causes.